1. Community Economic Development in a Neoliberal Era

Friday, 9:00. Room 108. Chair: Andrew Fischer (Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands).

  • John Loxley (University of Manitoba, Canada): The Manitoba Research Alliance: Community Research and Social Change
  • Lynne Fernandez (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Manitoba, Canada): How Manitoba Social Enterprises Create Decent Jobs
  • Shauna MacKinnon (University of Winnipeg, Canada): Decolonizing Employment: Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada’s Labour Market


2. World Food System

Friday, 9:00. Room 111. Chair: Ravi Bhandari (University of California, USA)

  • Manoj Misra (University of Alberta, Canada): Capitalist Agro-Food Regime
  • Craig Harris (Michigan State University, USA): One hundred years of the geopolitics of seafood
  • Nathan Clarke (Minnesota State University Moorhead, USA): Political Ecology at the End of a Global Supply Chain


3. Indigenous Struggles in Canada

Friday, 9:00. Room 114. Chair: Paulo Drinot (University College London, Institute of the Americas, UK)

  • Jennifer Keith (University of Manitoba, Canada): State Forms of Writing: The More We Change the More We Stay the Same
  • Peter Kulchyski (University of Manitoba, Canada): Indigenous emergence: reflections on the historical development of politicized indigenous agents
  • Ryan Duplassie (University of Manitoba, Canada): Grassy Narrows vs the Crown


4. Itoh on Picketty

Friday, 11:00. Room 202. Chair: Alan Nasser (Evergreen College, USA)

  • Makoto Itoh (Tokyo University, Japan): Political Economy of Disparities Re-expanded – Comments on Capital in the Twenty-First Century –
  • Discussants:
    • Robert Chernomas (University of Manitoba, Canada)
    • Erik Thomson (University of Manitoba, Canada)
    • Mara Fridell (University of Manitoba, Canada)


5. Ukraine and the Post-Soviet Space I

Friday, 11:00. Chapel. Chair: Greg Blue (University of Victoria, Canada)

  • Halyna Mokrushyna (University of Ottawa, Canada): Dehumanizing the Other
  • Boris Kagarlitsky (Institute for Globalization and Social Movements Moscow, Russia): Europe, NATO and Russia in the Ukraine Conflict


6. Patrimonial Capitalism

Friday, 14:00. Room 114. Chair: Shoko Chuma (Kokugakuin University, Japan)

  • M. Bhuiyan (University of Manitoba, Canada): Unorganized Labour and Capitalist Control over Social Programming in the Least Developed Nations
  • Ella Rockar (University of Manitoba, Canada): Descamisados y Piqueteros: The Impact of the Labour Movement on the Argentine Welfare State.
  • K. Griffin (University of Manitoba, Canada): Neoliberalism and The People’s Home: The Erosion of Social Citizenship in Welfare Policy
  • Mara Fridell (University of Manitoba, Canada): The Indispensable Socialist Backbone v. Patrimonial Capitalism


7. Ukraine and the Post-Soviet Space II

Friday, 14:00. Chapel. Chair: Sabah Alnasseri (York University, Canada)

  • Roger Annis (Independent Researcher and Journalist, Canada) : Class and nation in Ukraine
  • Anna Klimina (University of Saskatchewan, Canada): De-oligarchization in post-soviet transition through the lens of heterodox economics: the tale of Russia and Ukraine


8. Geopolitical Economy of ICT

Friday, 14:00. Room 202. Chair: Alan Freeman (GERG, Canada)

  • Ben Klass (Carleton University, Canada): Gift Horse or Trojan Horse? Facebook’s efforts to control the Internet in the Global South
  • Winseck (Carleton University, Canada): Return of the State @ the Heart of “New Internet-centric Media Order”: Towards a Critical Geopolitical Economy of World Communication
  • Bradley Fidler (UCLA, USA): Discussant


9. Insurgency and Imperialism

Friday, 14:00. Room 204. Chair: Binoy Kampmark (RMIT University, Australia)

  • Ryan Toews (York University, Canada): Pacification, Colonial Lineages and the New Counterinsurgency
  • Greg Blue (University of Victoria, Canada): An Open Sore: ‘Migrated files’ and the unfinished history of decolonization.


10. Creative and Cultural Industries I

Friday, 16:00. Room 202. Chair: Ellen Russell (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)

  • Mohammed Elmi (University of Cape Town, South Africa): Information and Communication Technologies and the Stabilization of a State
  • Hulya Arik (York University, Canada): The Revival of Islamic Visual Artscapes: A Comparative Approach to Islamic Art and Identities in Turkey and Canada
  • Alan Freeman (GERG, Canada): Discussant


11. Quality of Life

Friday, 16:00. Room 206. Chair: Ruth Rempel (University of Winnipeg, Canada)

  • Nitasha Kaul (University of Westminster, UK ): Contemporary Neoliberal Dehumanization.doc
  • Carlos Gallegos-Anda (UNDP, Ecuador): Development in Ecuador: the bifurcation of modernity and good living.
  • Olabanji Akinola (Guelph University, Canada): Understanding the Pains of a Sapped Generation
  • Grace Oshinfowokan (National Institute of Policy Research, Nigeria): The International Sea Bed Authority And The Common Heritage Of Mankind


12. Transforming Locally in a Multi-Polar World

Friday, 16:00. Room 201. Chair: Oliver Schmidtke (University of Victoria, Canada)

  • Andrew Woolford (University of Manitoba, Canada): One Cold City: Care And Control In Inner City Winnipeg
  • Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land (University of Winnipeg, Canada): Good Intentions, Bad Results? The Settler Colonial Dynamics of Crime Prevention Policy in Manitoba
  • James Gacek ( University of Manitoba, Canada): Carceral Spaces and Indigenous Masculinity: Narratives from Former Inmates
  • Trine Öland (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): Universalism and the Danish welfare nation-state’s boundary work


13. US Hegemony

Friday, 16:00. Room 108. Chair: Paul Kellogg (Athabasca University, Canada)

  • Bradley Mayer (Independent Researcher, USA): The Hegemon That Failed
  • James Parisot (Binghamton University, USA): In and Against: American Empire Revisited: New Directions in the Capitalist World Order
  • Richard Westra (Nagoya Univeristy, Japan): China: A Parallax View


14. States and Classes

Friday, 16:00. Room 204. Chair: Megan Pickup (Carleton University, Canada)

  • Bonn Juego (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland): Political Economy and Elite Interests in Asian Capitalisms
  • Rubens Sawaya (Pontifica Universidade Catolica de Sao Paolo, Brazil): State, Nation and Transnational Capital
  • Oldrich Krpec (Masaryk University, Czech Republic) Czechoslovak Trade Policy after First World War (1918-1929)


15. Terror, Information and State Secrecy

Saturday, 10:45. Room 108. Chair: Oldrich Krpec, Masaryk University)

  • Paul Zarembka (State University of New York, USA): ‘A Challenge for Geopolitical Economy: September 11th and Conspiracy Theory’.
  • Binoy Kampmark (RMIT University, Australia): The Transparency Movement in Geopolitical Economy: WikiLeaks, Economic Diplomacy and the Redistribution of Power


16. Labour in Multipolarity I

Saturday, 10:45. Room 114. Chair: Mara Fridell (University of Manitoba, Canada)

  • Shoko Chuma (Kokugakuin University, Japan): Contemporary significance of unequal exchange of labour
  • Matthew Dufour (City University of New York, USA) + Ellen Russell (Wilfred Laurier University, Canada): Worker Bargaining Power in Multipolar Context: The Canadian Experience of Wage Stagnation
  • Intan Suwandi (University of Oregon, USA): Back to Production: An Analysis of the Imperialist Global Economy


17. Keynes and Money

Saturday, 10:45. Room 204. Chair: Makoto Itoh (Tokyo University, Japan)

  • Radhika Desai (University of Manitoba, Canada): Public Engagement and Intellectual Transformation: British Decline in Keynes’s Opposition to the Gold Standard
  • Richard Westra (Nagoya University, Japan) : Idle Money and the Merchant of Venice Economy it Begat
  • Tanweer Akram (Voya Investment Management, USA): Japan’s Liquidity Trap


18. Land and Food

Saturday, 10:45. Room 206. Chair: Craig Harris (Michigan State University)

  • Arindam Banerjee (University of Delhi, India): Understanding Geopolitics Through Food Security
  • Guljahan Kurbanova (Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome): Coordination of the Eurasian Regional Cooperation on Food Security and Agriculture
  • Ravi Bhandari (St Mary’s University, USA): Neglected Structural and Macroeconomic Constraints in Progressive Land Reform: The Case of Nepal

19. Taxing Rent I

Saturday, 10:45. Room 201. Chair: Erik Thomson (University of Manitoba, Canada)

  • Francis Peddle (Dominican College, Ottawa, Canada): Report of the Assessment and Taxation Commission, Manitoba, 1919: The Fate of Henry George in Canada
  • Mason Gaffney (University of California, USA): Western Canada’s Magnetic Tax Systems and their Object Lessons, 1890-1940
  • Stephen Barton (City of Berkeley USA): Berkeley Mayor J. Stitt Wilson’s 1911 Synthesis of Socialism, Georgism and Feminism
  • Alexandra Lough (Henry George Birthplace, UK): Land Reform, Socialism, and the Single Tax in the British Isles


20. Imperialism, Racism and War of Terror

Saturday, 13:30. Room 111. Chair: Jorge Nallim (University of Manitoba, Canada)

  • Sabah Alnasseri (York University, Canada): Imperialism and State violence
  • Jeremy Kowalski (Wilfred Laurier University, Canada): Terrorism


21. Labour in Multipolarity II

Saturday, 13:30. Room 206. Chair: Bradley Mayer (Independent Researcher, USA)

  • Ana Garcia (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): The rise of BRICS and chances for an alliance from below
  • Judith Marshall (York University, Canada): Strikes, Bread Riots and Blockades: Mozambican Workers and Communities in Resistance
  • Julie Guard (University of Manitoba, Canada) + Mercedes Steedman (Laurentian University, Canada): The Vale Strike: Union and Community Confront Global Capital


22. Revolution, Gender, Culture

Saturday, 13:30. Room 204. Chair: Johanna Brenner (Portland State University, USA)

  • Jorge Nallim (University of Manitoba, Canada): The World Crisis and Argentine Cultural Circles, 1930s-early 1940s
  • Patricia Harms (Brandon University, Canada): Dictating Feminisms: Jorge Ubico, the Great Depression and Gender in Guatemala City, 1930-1944
  • James Handy (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) : Discussant


23. Contemporary Capitalism

Saturday, 13:30. Room 108. Chair: Prabhat Patnaik (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)

  • Paul Kellogg (Athabasca University, Canada): Panic Capitalism: Reframing Neoliberalism in the Context of Multipolarity
  • Alan Nasser (Evergreen College, USA): The Unacknowledged Stage of Capitalist Development: the Obsolescence of Net Investment and the Emergence of the Age of Wage-Driven Economies


24. Taxing Rent II

Saturday, 13:30. Room 201. Chair: Shauna MacKinnon (University of Winnipeg)

  • Mary Rawson (Civic Activist, Vancouver, Canada): Eight Times Mayor Of Vancouver ‘Single Tax’ Taylor: Louis Denison Taylor – 1857-1946
  • Robert Williams (Vancity Credit Union, Canada): Civic Revenues and Business District Rents
  • Ted Gwartney (BC Assessment Authority, Canada): Assessment reforms in B.C. under the NDP.


25. Intellectual History I

Sunday, 10:45. Room 204. Chair: Erik Thomson (University of Manitoba, Canada)

  • Ruth Rempel (University of Winnipeg, Canada): States, Trade, Progress and Stability: The “Thirty Years’ Crisis” and Emerging Theories of Economic Development
  • Andrew Fischer (Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands): Rethinking the dialectic of developmentalism and dependency within the evolution of hierarchical multi-polarity


26. Indigenous Economies and Economics

Sunday, 10:45. Room 114. Chair: Ian Hudson (University of Manitoba, Canada)

  • James Arruda (York University Canada): A Work in Progress
  • Jacqueline Romanow (University of Winnipeg, Canada) ) + Hugh Grant (University of Winnipeg, Canada): White Buffalo, Cash Cow, or White Elephant
  • Emily Eaton (University of Regina, Canada) : Beyond social democratic and neoliberal moments of colonial extraction in Saskatchewan: a case for renewable, reciprocal and anti-colonial economies


27. Creative and Cultural Industries II

Sunday, 10:45. Room 108. Chair: Dwayne Winseck (Carleton University, Canada)

  • Julio Moraes   (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Creative Economics 3g: Technology, Brics And The New Shape Of Creativity
  • Sergio Ordoñez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico): Knowledge Capitalism, Globalization And Hegemony: Towards A Socio-Spatial Approach
  • Alan Freeman (GERG, Canada): Combined Development, Scientific and Creative Labour, and the Modern Developmental State
  • Oliver Schmidtke (University of Victoria, Canada): Discussant


28. Foreign Policies

Sunday, 13:30. Room 204. Chair: Bonn Juego (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland)

  • Petar Kurecic (University North, Croatia): Small European States and Euro-Atlantic integration: Different Paths to Security and Influence
  • Rodrigo Lima (Sao Paulo State University, Brazil): Ways of Development : Rethinking Modernization Role in Brazilian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century
  • Megan Pickup (Carleton University, Canada): Foreign Policy of the New Left: Explaining Brazil’s Southern Partnerships in a Changing World Order


29. Economics as Intellectual Cleansing

Sunday, 13:30. Room 201. Chair: Greg Blue (University of Victoria)

  • Ian Hudson (University of Manitoba, Canada): On the 21st Century Vision of a Cleansed Mainstream Economics.
  • Robert Chernomas (University of Manitoba, Canada): On the Cleansing of Economics.
  • Mark Gabbert (University of Manitoba, Canada): The Thirty Years’ Crisis, Intellectual Cleansing, and Academic Freedom


30. Indigenous Movements

Sunday, 13:30. Room 114. Chair: Paul Kellogg (Athabasca University, Canada)

  • Kathleen Buddle (University of Manitoba, Canada): The international roots of the indigenous nationalist movement in Canada
  • Todd Scarth (University of Manitoba, Canada): Indigenism in Context


31. Intellectual History II

Sunday, 13:30. Room 108. Chair: Kari Polanyi-Levitt (Polanyi Institute, Canada)

  • Gordon Holmes (Mongolia International University, Mongolia): Imperial Political Economy of the Interwar Period
  • Erik Thomson (University of Manitoba, Canada: The Thirty Years War and Thirty Years Crisis